Renovation Realities

Have you seen that show? Renovation Realities…its on HGTV and is so bad its good. The premise is that its just ordinary folks that are doing a project and they send a camera crew to film them. No host, no money, nothing. There are a lot of people who do projects that shouldn’t. We watched someone almost blow up their house! But based on the houses we’ve bought, we already knew that people do things to their houses that they are not qualified to do. I mean – even Dylan makes me stand by the electrical panel with a broom in hand in case he zaps himself.

The broom is to push him away from the electrical current that would be zapping him. But thats never happened. Or even come close. Just saying – be safe out there folks.

Anyway, thats not what this post is about. This post is about the reality that not all things are happy go smoothly, throw money at a problem or a good coat of paint should fix things. This is about the stupid things in houses that are going to be that way for a long time.

And  today, my gripe is the upstairs bathroom.

This is the largest half bath in the history of half baths.

By half bath, I mean that it only has a sink and toilet. And don’t get me wrong, I’m glad these are upstairs. It comes in handy for washing Tiny’s hands. Or late night bathroom trips.  But seriously, look at this space.

Upstairs BathroomThere’s another one of my trusty pano shots for you that get all fish-eye in the middle. Sorry.

Its probably…12 feet long if I had to guess by maybe another 5. But the real problem is the roofline which you can start to see here. The only place where there is a full ceiling height is in the middle, where the windows are, which would be kind of weird for a shower.

So part 1 of this story is that, this bathroom is going to be dumb for a long time. We’ve found some cool ideas on Pinterest on how to work with it, and long-term the whole upstairs is planned to be a kid-zone. So this would be a kid-sized bathroom. And I LOVE the door. Weird thing to love, I know.

Its hard to see, but it has a big glass privacy window on the top half. I envision painting the door a fun color some day. 

Part 2 of this story is that last night it was REALLY windy. And the windows had been open in here and in the master at the other end of the hall. And by this morning all the windows were wide open – which was too much because we’re having one of those October in July sort of days. So, I went to close the bathroom window. We knew the storm window was broken (the glass was visibly cracked). But getting the window closed really did in that storm window.

Broken Storm WindowI’m sure the neighbors loved the sound of shattering glass coming from a second story onto the rocks and concrete below at 6:30 in the morning. 

Fortunately, this is just the storm window, so Dylan can take the whole thing off and in the meantime I’ve just closed the actual window and we are protected from the elements. 

We have given this bathroom a good scrub-down and replaced a bunch of toilet parts since it wasn’t working well. So at least it functions, because having two working toilets in a house is a nice feature. There’s just a lot of ugly and wasted space to deal with in the meantime.