1 Year In

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of our crazy house. Its been a wild ride, taken several dumpsters, long weekends and nights and the help of many. But we love it. So cheers to everyone who helped scrub walls, paint inside and out, entertain the small child, landscape, pull down trees, paint more walls (and ceilings), take old light fixtures and everything else in between.

Here’s a fun little trip down memory lane (and peeks at things I still haven’t blogged about) and how far we’ve come in one year. I did no cleaning – this is how you’ll find our house most days, toddler filled – life filled really. But it works.

It’s still very much a work in progress – but then again, most things are.

front beforeFront After 2015Spoiler alert: we’re putting in new stairs at the front of the porch. Hence the big piles of dirt and lack of bark.

yard beforeBackyard After

Living Room Beforeliving room after

Office BeforeOffice After

Dining Room BeforeDining Room AfterThe dining room has been one of my favorite transformations. I’m way behind in writing about it.

Kitchen BeforeKitchen AfterI’m not sure the After here is ¬†better. Well it is. Its a million times cleaner and less smelly. But we are in the middle of Operation: De-uglify on the Cheap. So there’s Dylan in action for you.

lower guest beforelower guest afterAgain – not sure this is worlds better. Lovingly referred to as the Crazy Room. Its on the short list to have good things happen to it this summer.

Hallway BeforeUpper Hallway After

peri room beforePeri's Room After

upper guest beforeUpper Guest Room

master beforeNo skeletons in these closets – we keep them out in the open.

master afterSo there you have it. I’m exhausted just looking at those. I’ll be on the porch opening a bottle of bubbles to celebrate, while I watch my hubby dig new steps.¬†

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