The Final Facelift

Once upon a time, we thought we could paint the exterior of this house ourselves. Even with the help of friends and family, we were wrong.

I mean – we could have done it. But it would have come at the cost of missing out on fun family time and being stressed out and a slave to this house. We bought this house knowing it would need work and we like working on it. But some projects are just too big and better handled by a team of professionals for a reasonable cost – and that turned out to be the case for getting the exterior painted.

I spied on the painters from the house across the street.

I spied on the painters from the house across the street.

Dylan did a ton of prep work very thoroughly, which was hugely helpful. Not to mention that some of the house was even painted! But when we finally vocalized and realized that Dylan’s free-time for house projects was much better used on something that provides more value or would be more complicated/expensive to hire out, it became an easy decision to just finish the exterior and hire painters.

2015-02-20 12.50.28

So our house is painted! And it’s beautiful! It was amazing how quickly I can’t even remember what this house looked like with all the crazy colors. It makes such a difference for the charm of the house – I know the neighbors appreciate it. The red doors are having some issues with old stain leaking through despite a coat of oil-based primer, but since we hired that out – its not our problem to deal with!

2015-02-23 17.17.58

Painting complete – no gutters yet.


With new house paint also came new gutters. They were in terrible shape when we bought the house, so we had them taken down last summer when we started painting. That resulted in more water than normal seeping into our basement throughout the winter, but since Dylan tore our all the walls and flooring to remedy the water intrusion the right way, more water in the basement wasn’t a terrible problem for us. But now new shiny gutters are up. We do want to put in rain chains in the front (instead of waterfall streams into a bucket), but they still need to be ordered. The chains will be placed in the front because we also have grand plans to move the steps to the house to the front! Its on the short list for our spring/summer projects since we plan on using the porch so much with the nice weather.

Paint and gutters complete!

Paint and gutters complete!

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