The Crazy Room…or The Opiate Den

When we first moved into this house, we crammed as much of our contents as possible into 1 room.  We did this to free up the basement for demo and the main floor for refinishing hardwoods.  This room was affectionately dubbed “The Crazy Room” because the wall paper made your head spin and feel like you are down the trail of being committed against your will.


Move in day:






Wallpaper removal is easy if you have the right tools.  I mean, it’s not hard – it’s a total pain in the bum and labor intensive but the difficulty is low.


2014-11-10 17.46.30


2014-11-10 19.31.14


2014-11-11 15.00.13


There are a few areas where plaster came off with the wall paper.  These areas will require patching prior to painting.  Something has to be done with the floor also.  Oh Joy.


2014-11-12 18.37.29


2014-11-12 18.36.37


2014-11-12 18.36.57


2014-11-12 18.36.25

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