OUTSIYE, as our 1-1/2 year old housemate calls it, has developed substantially in the past 7 months.  The face lift stopped abruptly due to weather – did you know that it rains during the winter in Oregon?

The view on move in weekend:


2014-05-24 10.46.00


2014-05-23 00.45.12


The paint was failing miserably and the house was incredibly dirty – we were admittedly tied to the pink, fuchsia and periwinkle color combination.

Proper paint adhesion is all about prep work.  We power washed the house, scraped, sanded and primed all areas with loose/failing paint to create a paint job that we wouldn’t be redoing in 5 years.


2014-09-27 09.44.25


2014-09-27 09.43.30


2014-09-27 09.31.07


2014-09-27 09.31.14

Current front and side view:

2015-01-08 12.59.56


2015-01-08 13.00.07

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