The Ugly House on the Block

In case you couldn’t tell, our house is the ugly house on the block. Which is always the house we want to buy. When we first moved in, both homes on either side of ours were vacant and being renovated. Most houses on our street are older but have had more attention and love given to them than ours had over the past 20 years.

It was very apparent that the exterior needed some work. Besides not being in love with the crazy color-scheme (hot pink and purple isn’t our jam), we learned it had been over 20 years since the house was last painted, so the weather has taken a toll on a lot of the siding. Our front porch is also not up to code because its over 4 feet off the ground and doesn’t have any railing. This is not only an issue for our homeowners insurance that we need to deal with within the first 6 months of taking ownership, but the 1 yr old has gotten braver and more intrigued by the edge of the porch. So we’ll add that to the list, although it may get a temporary fix for the winter, and we can revisit a permanent solution when the weather gets nice again.

So, we’ve begun getting ready for paint. After handfuls of paint samples we just pulled the trigger on a full gallon of a grey that we never tested out. For a while, the green/grey on the right was our winner, which was Benjamin Moore’s Desert Twilight. But in the end we decided it was too green.

2014-07-14 16.33.36More samples went up in the back, too dark, too green.

In the end we picked Storm from Benjamin Moore…basically – we copied this picture on their website for exterior color ideas because I was starting to go crazy looking at color combinations for the exterior.

Screenshot 2014-09-24 10.19.39So the body will be Storm and we picked up Barren Plain for most of the trim (where its currently purple).

The Pink is mostly the wood windows, so we picked up a bright white for that – Wedding Veil.

We weren’t feeling the blue but wanted another dark accent for our corbels (those are the things near the roofline on Craftsman-style houses) and parts of the porch columns and went with Wrought Iron.

2014-09-13 10.29.39

The worst part of painting the exterior of a house is the prep work that needs to be done first painting the exterior of a house. Dylan has been busy power washing, sanding, caulking and priming before we are even ready to put real paint back on this house. P really enjoyed watching him power wash the front porch from the safety of the couch.

2014-09-17 18.22.37

Here’s a few live action shots of prepping a house for paint. Its not as fun as it looks.

2014-09-17 17.17.11

The porch column here has been sanded a bit – it wasn’t that bad originally.

2014-09-17 18.31.37

Taking out hooks from the porch. Previous owners  probably had 30+ hanging baskets…or things hanging from the porch. We also ditched the screen door on the front that was in rough shape, and just power-washing the front took off a lot of paint around the front door.

And some more fun of priming the porch column in the back.

2014-09-22 09.00.46

We did buy fairly high-quality paint so I could probably get away without some of the primer, but since we were doing a lighter color trim over that deep purple and pink and there was a lot of bare wood, it seemed like the better idea to just throw some primer on there. If some extra time now buys me years of not having to do this again, I’ll take it.

So here is Storm, live and in person after having dried.



There’s really not much to say – its a nice, medium tone true grey. Maybe a touch on the green side. And there is a little of the light blue left for comparison for you. With how big this house is, we didn’t want to go too dark and have the house become a giant dark…blob.

We’ve got one big push this weekend to see how far we can get. There is a lot of trim detail to handle that is going to take some patience, and hopefully we have enough sunshine left in Portland to get this all done!





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