The Great Room

I’m pretty sure the living room is actually the definition of a great room. Its huge. And we love it. Its also one of the more finished rooms we have as well. It took putting almost all of our real furniture in it to fill up the space (including the brown leather pieces I hate) but it will do for now. We still have some updates to do and redecorating to consider, but for now its a great place to hang out, play with tiny and relax without feeling totally overwhelmed.

Lets do a little before and after again, shall we?

View from the front door. Fireplace, weird mirror, lots of green.

Front EntryAnd now.

Fireplace AfterFloors are done, the walls, trim and mantle all got fresh paint and we actually painted the ugly brick too. It will be a quick fix to tile over the brick and hearth but this cleans it up for now. We do have to replace a safety valve (or something) which is why the gas fireplace is red-tagged. But since its July we have some time before we need to make the fireplace work.

And to the right (before)

Living Room RightMmm, light fixture. And you can kind of see the tacky stained glass (fake) in the window both in this room and in the dining room.

So here it is now.

Living Room Right After

Storm windows have been removed. Real furniture and our TV. Nice and bright and clean! This is where we spend a lot of time. The Flor carpet from the old house made the move and has been reconfigured in this area so P has a play space. Plus even though we put extra-durable finish on the floors, they still scratch with the dog and toys. While I know this is just a fact of our life, I decided to put the rug down to keep the floors as nice as possible for now.

Also, I will continue to proclaim my love for Flor. I will never buy a real area rug again. With the dog and small people running around these are the best investment. Just last week, T dog puked on one of the squares (sorry, gross. But this is life) and we were able to pick it up, clean it off, give it a wash in the sink, let it dry and its good as new. No dragging out cleaners and hoping for the best and potentially ruining a whole rug. Even if the damage wasn’t fixable, it would have cost me $12 to go buy another tile. Win. And technically, I have a few spares from this rug sitting around because this space is a different size and shape then the last room it was in. So again, no need to buy a new rug – just rearrange what we have. LOVE.

Ok – tangent over. But go buy yourself some Flor rugs. (It’s whats in P’s room too)

On to the other side.

Living Room Left Before

Hooray! Cat things!

And now.

Living Room Left AfterThis is the dance party side. I hate the brown furniture, but it will do for now. Long term I’ll be swiping the piano from my dad’s house and it will probably live under the window. And maybe we’ll get some different furniture. So hopefully it will be a nice quiet sitting/reading/music area.

I swear I’m about to paint the french doors which is why all the green tape is still up.

We need to paint the ceiling in this room still and replace the light fixtures. I’ve been eyeing some basic schoolhouse-style lights from Rejuvenation but we’re concerned they wouldn’t be bright enough. There are two of these beasts in the room now, and there are 5 bulbs in each fixture.

Living Room Lights

You can also see the ugly of the ceiling in this photo and some of the spots that need to be repaired before we can paint. Just add it to the list.

And here is one big shot of the entire room in all its greatness.

Panoramic View of Living Room

Yeah – I did move the laundry basket from this room into the dining room…which you can still see in this photo.

Its a little wonky, but you get the idea. But we love it! I cannot wait for Christmas! I love everything about Christmas in general but this room and the dining room just have me giddy for the holidays and it’s only July.



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