Lighting up my World

So yeah – all the light fixtures need to be replaced in this house. At best, they are ugly. At worst they don’t work and are ugly. But on top of lights being a slightly expensive fix for each room, we also want to find lights that we love. We’ve decided to take on lights little by little so we can find what we think will work best and then save up some pennies as we need.

But the first room we got to tackle was actually the office. On top of moving, I did some job shifting and now get to work from home, so with all this space I actually have a pretty cool little office (complete with more wood paneling!) But that also meant that I could make all the design decisions since this would be primarily my own space. And its much easier to pick out a light fixture when I don’t have to convince Dylan that he should like it too.

I first fell for these – probably the more oval one on the far right. But then after looking at them in person decided it would be too much wood in a room already filled with wood. Insert too much wood joke here.

West Elm Bentwood Pendants

West Elm Bentwood Pendants


I supposed I should back up a step and refresh you on what we’re working with here.


Lots of wood. I feel like I should take up smoking pipes and drinking whiskey while I work.

And…the light.

Office light before

Ugh – seriously, right.

So while I was wandering around West Elm looking like this:

Shopping for Light Fixtures

For illustrative purposes only. This is my child, in a cart, in Lowes. But is there really any other way to look at light fixtures?

I came across my new beauty for the office! And patiently waited for it to go on sale because Spoiler Alert! everything goes on sale at West Elm. Seriously, just wait for a few weeks and whatever you want will be on sale, or they’ll send you a discount code for free shipping or something. So I got my light for 20% off, extra win.

And then it showed up and sat in a box for a few weeks. Finally we had a long weekend and I got my pretend-electrician husband to put in the new light. Which actually was preceded by realizing we needed to paint the ceiling. Fortunately, he’s tall and whipped that out in no time.

Taking down the ugly. Reminder, shut off the power before you do this.

Dylan uninstalling a light fixtureDidn’t really want to be staring at this above me. So new paint went up too.

Office Ceiling

And… ta da!

West Elm Mobile Chandelier

And a more complete angle.

West Elm Mobile Chandelier in Office

I love it. While the house is of the Craftsman era, we want to give it some more modern/industrial details so this light fit in perfectly. And we may do something different with this room in the long run, but we can always move this light to another location if it no longer works. This room (like all of them) could still use some more organization and final touches (can you see the ugly plate cover on the switch by the window…not awesome). But its much brighter and a happier place to work for now!

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