Demands from the Tiny Toomey

On the off-chance you are reading this and don’t really know us – we moved and are rehabbing this house with a 1.25 yr old. Yeah, our level of crazy just went up a few notches. We know people that wouldn’t even consider moving in general with tiny people, so to be tackling this project while chasing a toddler around is extra fun. But then again, we gutted our last kitchen while I was pregnant, so we’ve been known to keep things interesting around these parts.

Kitchen Demo
Watch out – pregnant girl with a sledgehammer.

Anyway, different house.

We knew we needed to get Peri’s room set up first to keep her from totally losing her shit being confused. And although the rooms have wood paneling, one of the rooms upstairs had enough cute details that we thought it would actually be fun for her room. We really haven’t done much else to the room besides the floors, so we moved all her belongings in and got her settled. We did need to make some new curtains with some help from my mom, which added some new fun colors to her room outside of the grey and purple theme that we had in the last house.

Peri's BedroomIgnore the chewed up crib. Homegirl is a Beaver apparently. Her dad is very proud. She did all that with only 6 teeth.

The shelves have been a lot of fun, and if she wasn’t so into everything they might be cutely arranged. But since she pulls everything off them on a daily basis, the bottom two shelves are free game for Peri’s little grasp.

Here’s a view of the whole room. Kinda cute, even with all that wood.

Full Room View - Peri's Room

The dirty secret left of this room is the light fixture… every light fixture in this house needs to be replaced. I can count 14 of them not including the basement. That is a lot of lights.

Peri's Bedroom Light Fixture

This is not really P’s style.

Overall, getting her set up with her things made the move pretty easy for her. And this quickly became a safe and clean place for her to play while we were finishing up projects like the hardwood floors on the main floor. So there you have it – the most complete room in the house!


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