The Good, the Bad and the Dirty

Because we managed to have a few weeks between closing on the new house and needing to be out of our old house, we thankfully could bribe friends and family to help us tackle some projects before we moved everything in. We spent Memorial Day weekend loading a dumpster full of yard debris and the leftover furnishings that were left with the house. Unfortunately, thats often part of the deal when purchasing a short sale. Beggars can’t be choosers.

You know who your real friends are when they just show up in work clothes and start scrubbing your house for you.

I’m looking at you Sam.

2014-05-24 14.27.09I mentioned the cats, but we’re also pretty sure that over the years various smokers lived here, and smoked in the house. And probably due to health issues, the house just hadn’t been kept up with. So saying it was dirty was really an understatement. It was gross. We scrubbed grease and smoke stains off every wall. Took down dusty, musty curtains that were just covered in cobwebs. The flies that have turned the outside of this house into their home is disgusting (and finally under control). There may be a mouse or two living in a bedroom and garage.

I’m not sure how many buckets of pine-sol we went through. That stuff is magic. Pure chemical magic. Oh, and we had the water turned off because as soon as we turned it on at the street there was water leaking from the main down the sidewalk. BECAUSE OF COURSE.

Fortunately, we have nice neighbors so we could fill up buckets with their hose outside.

This is what happened when we started washing down the crown molding. Look away if you are eating.

Crown Moldingmmm, smoke stains

There are still places that need good cleanings. Most of the ceilings need a scrub or coat of primer and paint. Guess what, scrubbing ceilings is not a fun job. So just don’t look up for now.

But its worlds better. We got the yard trimmed back as well. Just keep cleaning…

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