House Tour

Since that last post was a lot of words, here are a lot of pictures. Some of these are from before it was actually ours to give you the full picture of what we agreed to buy. The previous owner did a better job than we expected of cleaning stuff out of this place, but we still filled up a 30 yard dumpster in a weekend without even trying.

Front EntryHello fireplace! This is the view as soon as you walk in. This room is huge (wide – hard to get a good angle). Lovely mirror…and the house stinks like cats. Awful green wall colors. We’re sold.

Living Room RightView from the doorway to the right into the formal dining room swoon. Bad light fixtures abound. And pink/purple/flowery stained glass!

Living Room Left

And view to the left into the office. Matching ugly light fixture. This room is about 15×30, its huge. And hints of wood paneling to come!


Ah the office. The floors are in terrible shape (throughout). The built-ins are kind of cool, but dated. And the room is all wood paneling. What you can’t see behind me are the original french doors more swooning.

Office French Doors

There ya go – the doors. Plus lace curtains (ick). And the room is nice and sunny due to 3 large windows. Its kind of bay window-ish, but not really.

Dining Room

Alright, back over to the dining room on the other side. There is a funky little hallway area that lives between the den and living room, and also allows access to the kitchen, bathroom, a bedroom and the stairs to the basement and upstairs. Lets play ISpy…bad chandelier, bad stained glass, 80’s wallpaper…I couldn’t even tell you what all is in this room.


And from the dining room, into the Kitchen! The heart of a home! It does have some redeeming qualities. Its at least twice the size of the kitchen in our last house. It has a cute eat-in nook. The sink cabinet is actually a Youngstown piece which is kind of a cool retro thing upon further research, but its in rough shape.

Main Bedroom

And WHOA a bedroom! Were you blinded unexpectedly by that wallpaper? So this is the main floor bedroom which is off the hallway from the kitchen. Its a bad shot because its dark and full of stuff. And I might have been carrying a baby through all this. More sweet lights, huh.


Alright – we have now traveled upstairs (sorry, didn’t have a great picture of the staircase, although we haven’t done anything there so I could go take a picture now…but well, no. See proof of hoarding + cats. Did I mention this house smells fantastic? But you may spy some amazing built-in storage. My husband tried telling me those needed to go at some point to remodel the bathroom, he was very mistaken. Those are another one of the little things that I love about this house. Its amazing and you can’t find them in new homes.

Left BedroomAnother bedroom upstairs (there are 3 upstairs + 1 on the main). Its filled with wood paneling and junk. Poorly caulked ceiling goo. BUT, right to the right of this photo is an amazing walk-in closet and surprise, all the bedrooms have more closet space than I have ever seen. Again, you couldn’t even find this in new homes. Its crazy how much closet space there is and I more often hear that old homes have no storage. This house has tons.

Right Bedroom

Here is the other smaller bedroom upstairs. All wood paneling, but this one with cutesy detailing. Another spoiler alert – we turned it into P’s room and is actually kind of cute. Please send help – apparently I am growing fond of wood paneling.


Are you freaked out yet? I also may have failed to mention that the previous owners were BIG fans of Halloween. So the dead people are fake. This is the master bedroom upstairs. The whole wall (with the blue…shower curtains) is 5 windows that open out. More wallpaper. Definitely a picture taken while holding a baby.

Upstairs Bathroom

And at the other end of the hallway (by the built-ins) is a bathroom. Which is huge. But only has a toilet and sink. But you could also put a twin size bed in there. The ceiling is sloped which creates some logistical challenges for a shower, but don’t worry, where there is a will there is a way. And we have plenty of will. These are like weird, plastic tiles stuck to the wall. They are in the shower on the main floor too, which I don’t have pictures of because its tiny.

Oh my gosh are you exhausted yet?! Did I mention this house is HUGE?


Here’s one quick shot of a small portion of the basement which they did a decent job on the surface of finishing. Except for the whole cat smell thing. And that the basement has been known to flood when it rains a lot and so all this needs to be ripped up and done to Dylan’s standards.

So thats the quick and dirty tour. I’ll be back with project specifics and side by side photos as we go along.






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